Netspeed was started in 2009 and is a black-owned, black managed business. Netspeed offers customers unique solutions that include both software and services that are backed by a breadth and depth of technical and professional expertise. Netspeed’s philosophy focuses on building long-term relationships and partnerships that ensure mutual benefit and growth. Customers and service providers turn to Netspeed for innovative IT solutions that add value and outstanding performance, as well as for professional levels of service and support. In delivering these solutions, Netspeed has sought partnerships and collaboration with similar minded entities through the years and using this network, to provide turnkey solutions to customers. Netspeed has built and solidified a relationship with Entuity, BMC, Savvius, Neverfail and CyberInt. forms the cornerstone of its business. This relationship has solidified to the extent that Netspeed has achieved Platinum Partner status it’s in the Entuity Channel Partner Network.


Technology as a Business Enabler

The down turn of the economy has had the effect of focusing corporate leaders on maximizing performance,reducing costs and driving productivity in their organizations. The IT department is not exempt from this scrutiny,and return on investment is increasingly highlighted for review, especially when it comes to capital-intensive purchase of computer equipment and communications infrastructure.Today 's focus on information technology has shifted from the technology itself to the quantifiable benefits IT can demonstrate for a company's core business. Disciplined operational processes are the essential key to drive IT organisations toward this ideal of business relevance.MostIT organisations require sweeping changes to their operational processes to remain viable.The alternative is dismal, so the incentive is in place to either adaptor wither.

In the new economy, the solution complexity is on the rise, with business processes extending not only across different systems and components inside the same organisation, but also across different organizations internal and external. For this reason, integration of business processes, as w ell as software and system components, becomes more relevant when implementing new solutions. The solution must have the ability to provide insight across the different business sectors.


Integrated Business Management

Netspeed's integrated solutions concentrate on definition and deployment of proactive processes which are driven by reducing operational costs through efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In line with the Netspeed Enterprise Solutions mission statement our service delivery model is based on ensuring long term relationships, based on consistently delivering a high quality output that creates value to our clients.Our tested and proven solutions, which are unique comply with global standards, have been deployed successfully at various clients in the past.


What we do?

Netspeed Enterprise Solutions is dedicated to creating a world where business applications , data and infrastructure are continuously monitored and available. Users need to stay continuously connected to mission critical applications, for example email and BlackBerry systems, regardless of outages caused by planned maintenance, natural disasters, component failures or configuration errors.

The vision of zero business down time has changed the w ay businesses think about high availability and disaster recovery. More importantly, it ensures added productivity, increased data protection and enhanced business relationships for our customers around the world.

While application management is a critical component to providing continuous availability for mission-critical applications, it alone is not enough – the entire IT ecosystem surrounding the application must be considered. Netspeed Enterprise Solutions have solutions that protects the entire ecosystem by providing intelligent insight into all ecosystem components including the physical server hardware, network Infrastructure , applications, data and operating system.

Netspeed Enterprise Solutions provides a Enterprise Architecture Management Solution with full ecosystem protection, it provides IT administrators with confidence that the entire IT ecosystem remains healthy, and even when issues do occur, mission-critical applications are continuously available to end-users through our product suit.


How we do it?

A comprehensive delivery approach embodying, people, processes, and technology that enables SMME’s and large organisations to build competency and processes in key areas of business:

  • Green IT initiatives
  • Resource Optimization and Management
  • Capacity Planning and Decision Support
  • Due Diligence and Audit Management
  • SLA Management
  • Fault Management
  • Event Management
  • Inventory and Resource Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Application Performance Management
  • Data Life cycle Management Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management Solutions.
  • Policy Compliance Management Solutions
  • Data Center Management Solutions
  • Integrated Network Forensics
  • Managed Security Services
  • Security Management Solutions
  • Network Analysis and trouble shooting

Netspeed uniquely, has the ability to of f er a full service delivery model that is able to support and complement any organization across all industries;

Opportunity definition and execution can be clear and concise. Technology can enable the automation and simplification of service delivery; NetSpeed enables effective delivery and support of those products and services, combining real- time operations data with experience creating successful structure of the defined requirements.


What value do we offer?

  • Experience of having done it before
  • A Total solution in one company
  • Experience to extend value solution up the value chain that will drive improved cost management
  • Reduced operational expense
  • Improved satisfaction of quality services that are delivered and supported
  • Ability to prove technology’s value to business
  • Know ledge transfer through training and awareness sessions

Netspeed’s Experience and certified consultants have been providing Enterprise Architecture Management solutions locally and internationally for more than 20 years collectively.