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Rebasoft is an intuitive network-based security system that provides a real-time, bird's-eye view of your entire network infrastructure, monitoring all devices, traffic and behaviour. It's remarkably easy to install and deploy, and enables you to be better defended against Cybersecurity threats. Rebasoft can help improve malware defences, reduce vulnerabilities and provide active security (including Network Access Contol) to automatically help make any organisation more resilient; delivering, in a single system, what you need without needing to buy and maintain multiple systems.


Rebasoft Benefits

  • Network & perimeter security. The foundation of effective security. Don't leave the door open to cybercriminals
  • Improve Platform Security. Identify gaps in malware defenses. Reduce vulnerabilities
  • Ensure compliance. Reduce and control non-compliant systems. Ensure your IoT systems are protected
  • Active security. Not just alerting, but taking action on your behalf. Making your security controls more effective
  • Automation. 24 x 7 surveillance, looking for compromises and taking automated action.
  • Reduced workload load on your IT teams
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